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The All-for-Nothing Marriage
Why your Marriage Will Kill You Before Death Do You Part
by Daniel Zopoula

Rather than being a source of joy, your marriage can destroy your quality of life, causing silent frustration and catastrophic disappointment. But every couple is entitled to a meaningful marriage filled with passion, intimacy, and shared purpose. The All-for-Nothing Marriage is a highly practical tool designed to help couples identify a path for achieving just those things.

Drawing in his experience and a guiding faith, Daniel will walk you through the philosophy underlying his unique take on today’s marriage solutions with brilliant insights, personal reflections and practical advice to show how any marriage can be better.

The book is divided into two intuitive sections: Part One explores the internal workings of a marriage; Part Two challenges readers to implement four practical steps to rekindle the core connection which results in phenomenal love and ultimate fulfillment in life.

Here is a step-by-step strategies for neutralizing your marital problems with a redemptive mindset, one that will turn a mediocre marriage into a remarkable one. Here is a paradigm-shifting approach to recalibrate your expectations, increase intimacy and emotional togetherness, make the most of your relationship, live a better story and experience a meaningful life.

Whether you are married, would-be-married, or, just looking for illuminating advice, The All-for-Nothing Marriage will forever transform your understanding of the anatomy of marriage, and the unique value you bring to a relationship that’s critical to so many people’s lives.

After more than 30 years guiding couples through the critical conversations that breed intimacy and health, and more than two decade of a fascinating intercultural marriage free of drama, Daniel Zopoula can speak with some intimacy about marriage’s challenges. With The All-for-Nothing Marriage, he seeks to contribute meaningfully of himself in a way that will produce success for others in their relationships. Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Educator, Pastor, Chaplain, Inspirational Speaker, and Life Coach, Daniel lives in Lethbridge, Alberta, with his wife Sara, and children, Affia, Dansia, and Daniel Jr.


Daniel Zopoula

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