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When Gender is in Question cover

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    • Gender In Schools,
    • Gender Transitioning in Workplaces,
    • Family and Gender Questioning

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When Gender is in Question
A Guide to Understanding
by Suzanne Sherkin , Dr. Helma Seidl and Skyler Hagen

For most people, gender identity is pretty straightforward. We are identified as a boy or a girl at birth and don’t give it a second thought. For others, however, the gender they were born into is not the gender they feel is their true identity. Whether you know someone who is questioning their gender or simply want to understand more about how to engage in this current dialogue, When Gender is In Question is a valuable guide to understanding. The book offers insights to many questions about gender: • What is the difference between being gay and being trans? • What are the current issues facing trans and gender diverse people? • What words and phrases are valuable to know? • What is the medical research on gender?

“The book is excellent. Perhaps the most important thing is that it is very interesting. This was a topic that I knew nothing about and quite frankly didn’t feel that I needed to know anything about. I was wrong, and the book has gently conveyed to me that I was wrong! I am the better for having read this book.” —Frank K. Gomberg, Mediator, Adjunct Professor of Law, Osgoode Hall Law School “The authors urge us to reflect on discriminatory attitudes, however subtle, that continue to stigmatize those needing to push society’s boundaries. The glossary of evolving language illustrates that gender self expression like so many human characteristics exists on a spectrum of uniqueness.” —Dr. Diane Watson, Psychiatrist “This book is a comprehensive “beginner’s” guide, addressing questions and confusions that many of us have faced while wanting to be supportive to people whose dilemmas we do not ourselves completely comprehend." —Dr. Peter Weiss, Associate Professor, University of Toronto “This book is an absolute must-read for every HR professional in every organization. More broadly, it’s for every human being who is interested in a deeper understanding of themselves and others, both including and beyond questions of gender." —Mark Issacs, President, GS Research "The thoughts of a loving parent, a candid child, and a passionate psychotherapist combine in these pages to provide a comprehensive picture, answering most of the questions that people who are new to trans concepts might have. A considered and compassionate manual about transgender identity." —Kirkus Reviews

Suzanne Sherkin, Dr. Helma Seidl and Skyler Hagen photo

Suzanne Sherkin A public speaker, mediator, and trainer, Suzanne addresses issues of conflict, harassment, and discrimination in workplaces. Mother of two, Suzanne was inspired to engage with others in the current gender dialogue when her youngest transitioned in his early 20s. Dr. Helma Seidl Dr. Seidl works in private practice as a Gender Specialist providing direct counselling to clients dealing with transitioning or fluidity. Her mission is to support individuals to better understand gender, sexual, cultural, and social issues. Skyler Hagen Skyler has a practice as a Mental Health Counselor and is an accredited practitioner in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). He is also a visual artist who exhibits his work across Canada.


Suzanne Sherkin
Dr. Helma Seidl
Skyler Hagen

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