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Target Audience:
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Dogs, Puppies, Siblings, Family, Growing up, Learning, Adventure

Taffy and Troy
by Wendy Davidchuk and Marilyn Grovum

Taffy and Troy were born at the Pooch Palace. They were best buddies, right from the start. When Taffy was adopted, the puppies were separated. But not for long!

Taffy and Troy shows early readers the value of friendship, even as our lives change. The puppies will also help children understand that it is possible for some things to stay the same despite change. Their story shows how change can be a good thing in their lives, even if it may seem a bit scary at first. Sometimes it takes time to adjust and that’s okay!

Wendy Davidchuk and Marilyn Grovum photo

Wendy Davidchuk has a BEd and an ECE diploma from the University of Calgary. And Marilyn Grovum has a BA from the University of Saskatchewan and a BEd from the University of Calgary. These two teachers met and became good friends in the 1970s while teaching at Chinook Park Elementary School, and taught at several elementary schools in Calgary, where they still live. They thoroughly enjoyed reading stories aloud to the children in their classes.

Both dog lovers, Wendy and Marilyn got their dogs a few months apart from the same breeder. Marilyn does not drive, so for the next fourteen years, Wendy and Taffy picked up Marilyn and Troy and they went to all the dogs’ appointments together. Taffy and Troy were always excited to see one another.

Wendy and Marilyn have so many endearing memories of their dogs, so they decided to write some rhyming books to share with children. Many hours have been spent at Marilyn’s kitchen table creating these tales. Watch for the second book in the Taffy and Troy series, coming soon!


Wendy Davidchuk
Marilyn Grovum
Jessica Hauser

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