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  • Mr Grumbles

    Bedtime stories for young chidren by

    These are stories about how Ham evaded Mr. Grumbles sometimes and how they reconciled. Mr. Grumbles is a Park Keeper with a mission... ...he wants to catch any dogs not on a leash... ...Ham is a Labrador retreiver who thinks differently!

  • Haircut Day at the Poodle Salon


    This story is the second in a series about Max Copper Million, a rambunctious, talented apricot poodle who plays the piano. In this book, Jannie brings Max to the Poodle Salon to get a haircut. Jannie will have to find Max first! Max always hides ...

  • Summer Vacation


    Mrs.B had a surprise for Aussie and Otis. Every year she and Aussie would go on a vacation, but this year it would be Otis’s first time leaving his friendly yard. Aussie wanted a nice quiet place to have a nap, but Otis was always looking for ...

  • Rigby the Sled Dog's Christmas Story


    Rigby is a beautiful gentle husky sled dog who has a dream. He wants to help Santa Claus pull his magical sleigh on Christmas Eve! One Christmas, as a little puppy, Rigby saw Santa and his reindeer. But then he didn’t see them again for ...

  • Muffy's First Day Of School


    Muffy's First Day Of School is for young children between 3-5 years old. It is the story of a pup, who having been teased for his bright orange spots, by other dogs in the park, hides in a closet when school begins.. He is afraid that the other pups ...

  • Winter Storm

    The Adventures Of Aussie and Otis by

    It was another perfect day. Aussie stretched and was relaxing on her soft comfortable bed. After many years of hard work as a sled dog, Aussie was enjoying her retirement in Mrs. B's cozy home. Until one sunny afternoon, she hears Mrs. B opening the ...

  • Roxy The Therapy Dog Gets a Helper


    Roxy is a very special dog with a very important job. Every day, she goes to work with her owner, Pam, who is a counselor at a nearby university. Pam helps the students cope with stress and other difficult emotions, and Roxy’s loving presence helps ...

  • Dogsled Molly


    Everyone’s favorite first lady, Molly McPherson is about to face her most challenging adventure ever: joining a dogsled team! She’s always loved to run and play in the snow, but this is something new―completely unfamiliar―and that makes it a bit ...

  • Ruby Goes Camping


    Ruby is an adorable dog with a big imagination, and she loves to go on adventures. One day, Ruby’s family takes her camping. Ruby is so excited to be out in nature, and she loves every minute of it! She finds lots of fun things to do, like chasing ...

  • Christmas With Maddy


    It is Christmas Time at Maddy's house, what could possibly go wrong? Just add one little West Highland White Terrier and Christmas will never be the same! Christmas With Maddy is the third book in the children's series, The Maddy Chronicles, a ...