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  • Fire Dog


    A puppy sneaks out of a pet shop in a big city. He has many adventures as he meets people, hoping that one of them will be able to tell him his name. The vintage artwork gives children a glimpse into a world very different from that in which they ...

  • The Truth about Condo Pets


    Romeo, Fido, Droopy, Minnie, Lupa, and Lola love their life at the kennel. They’ve all been adopted by the kennel owners, and they’re one happy family. Bella is the only dog still waiting to be adopted. When a family finally comes for her, the dogs ...

  • On My Way to School


    Every day, Shawn walks to and from school through his friendly, multicultural neighbourhood. Along the way, he stops to talk with the people in his world. Through his curious and sensitive nature, Shawn comes to understand their hardships, ...

  • Hop, Stop or Go!


    Little Bunny causes chaos on the road as she hoppity-hops to school with her brothers and sisters. Then, along comes kind Officer Beals to sort things out and keep everyone safe. The charming "jay-hopping" bunny learns an important lesson about road ...

  • Follow the Red Wagon


    The setting is a small community with close proximity to beaches and small family run shops. The red wagon is a central figure in the family and taken many places and known to the neighbourhood. The inspiration for the book came from a sighting I ...

  • I'm So Glad It's Spring!


    This author loves spring, do you? “I’m So Glad It’s Spring!” is a collection of the author’s childhood memories. Walk with Tammy Hendrickx as a young girl through the prairie winter and watch how it changes into spring.

  • The Boy Who Influenced the King


    “I can influence the king,” the peasant boy said to his friend. “No you can’t!” his friend replied. “You’re just a peasant boy, and he’s the king.” The peasant boy’s boast triggers a chain of events that culminates within the palace walls. Along ...

  • Dr. Bunnyworth

    Of Partridges and Plum Pudding by

    What would you do if you could talk to animals? (I mean really talk to them, the same way you talk to your parents or your friends.) Well, for one lucky person―with just such a talent―the choice was clear: become a veterinarian! And so, that's what ...

  • Taffy and Troy


    Taffy and Troy were born at the Pooch Palace. They were best buddies, right from the start. When Taffy was adopted, the puppies were separated. But not for long! Taffy and Troy shows early readers the value of friendship, even as our lives change. ...

  • Sammy, Wise Old Rabbit


    Although we don’t always see them, wild creatures are increasingly coming to live in cities. Like people, some creatures—such as rabbits, skunks, raccoons, or mice—find more opportunities for food and shelter in a city. But city living is full of ...