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Science, Spirituality, Religion, Consciousness, Universe, Origins, Evolution

Science and Spirituality... bridging the gap
by Kayume Baksh

This book provides a fascinating, well-researched, and thorough discussion of the connections between science and spirituality, including religion. It is eye-opening and allows readers to truly redefine how they look at these disciplines while providing, at the same time, a vibrant perspective for those embarking on such an exercise for the first time.

Science investigates the physical world, where space, time, and matter comprise the main aspects of its empirical approach, that is, of physically proving all that there is around us. Spirituality goes beyond the physical.

Here, physical quantities become nonexistent and so our connections are perceived through seemingly nonrational (but hardly irrational) unscientific means. Religion is rendered useless as a way of explaining how the universe works. Quantum mechanics, an integral part of modern physics, is helping to bring about a closer convergence by showing remarkable similarities between advanced scientific observations and what has been taught for centuries in the wisdom traditions, known as spirituality; this insightful information continues to amaze us like none before.

We therefore now have the right combination and evidence to show why the gap between science and spirituality must be bridged, so that we can finally embrace the answers to the mystery questions about the universe and life. This thought-provoking book provides the details you need.

We stand on the verge of heralding a new paradigm or, rather, a metaparadigm – the mother of all paradigms – one that unfolds a new vision of reality that includes consciousness for the first time, not excludes it – as science still does.

Whether you belong to a religion or not, are a spiritualist, an atheist, an agnostic, or just curious about the universe and life, this book is for you.

Kayume Baksh is a former teacher, medical doctor, and lawyer (attorney), and the author of a book on religion. He has done courses in science (The Einstein Revolution) and philosophy (God, Knowledge, and Consciousness) through online learning initiatives of Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) respectively.



Kayume Baksh

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