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prayer, faith, scripture, demons, Satan, spiders, snakes

Fatal or Fragile
by Wendy Varga

That’s what happens to all who forget God …

They hang their life from one thin thread, they hitch their fate to a spider web.

Job 8:13-14, The Message

Satan’s diabolical web is designed to manipulate, control, and ultimately kill you! In a strategic display of grace and beauty, yet tensed with violence and catastrophe, His web is not passive. His venom is radical. Is there a way to neutralize this venom? Is there a way out of this fatal trap?

Learn how satan’s intricate death trap can be swept away to nothingness.

...a vivid picture of the supernatural battle we are in. Packed with multiple layers of spiritual lessons...

—Martin Mann, CEO/Pastor of Jitters Coffee House

A panoramic view of the forces working against us ... that captivates the reader and infuses with life, hope and trust.

—George Woodward, Canadian Reformation Director

...a powerful, revelatory book that gives keys on how you can escape the fatality of the enemy’s death grip.

—Pastors Moses & Rosemary Sabo, Portal of Glory

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Winner of the Literary Titan Silver Book Award, and author of two previous books, Dr. Wendy Varga writes passionately with the aim of bringing hope to the hopeless. She is a fourth generation pastor, songwriter, teacher of accredited curriculums, and worship leader. Michael and Wendy are blessed with their children, Jevon, Jeneca and her husband Vincent, and Jalyn.


Wendy Varga

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