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Personal Growth, Self-improvement, Mindfulness, Self-discovery, Happiness, Mental development, Emotional growth

The Exquisiteness of Being in the Present Moment
A Mental Journey into Discovery by Harry Lindwall

The purpose of this narrative is to share some of my experiences and the resulting insights that I have gained over many years of self-analysis.

It specifically examines the distinct and unique feeling that sometimes occurs of existing or "being" entirely in the present moment of time and the benevolent, naturally occurring mode that my mind/brain switches into when I am in that state. It describes a technique used to enter this state intentionally and examines some of its' beneficial effects.

Harry Lindwall is a retired, aerospace electronic systems engineer.

His previous books were:

An Argentine Tango, published in 2013.

Knowing Yourself, published in 2015.


Harry Lindwall

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