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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

loyalty, co-operation, friendship, poetry, playing, collaboration, competition

Off the Beaten Path
by Mike Fedorowich

An imaginative and delightful tale with a strong, positive message, The Garden-Ville Bunch in Off the Beaten Path will entertain children and adults alike as they read about the special friendship shared by this group of animated vegetable buddies.

When Lettuce suggests a foot race, complete with a crowd and a finish line, his friends enthusiastically agree. But as they make their way along the course they run into a number of challenges that will test their abilities to the very limits of their imagination. This is a story of lost and found and how they managed to take an uncomfortable set of events and turn them in their favor.

From some nasty weather to a night out camping the garden bunch must work together to finish this race.

Mike and his wife have cared for over 130 foster children, as well as their own three children. Mike credits his parenting experiences and his days as a Sunday school teacher for his ability to imagine life from a child's perspective—open, honest, and trusting. A police officer for over sixteen years, his curious imagination and his writing allows him to escape the realities of the world of law enforcement and ushers him into a child's world of fun and relaxation.

Mike and his wife, Cori, live in Nanaimo, British Columbia with their daughter Sandra along with their dog Cinder and two cats, Daisy and Diesel—all rescue animals.

Their other two children, Nicholas and Christy, are grown and out in the world forging their own paths to complete their own stories. All are successful in their own right.


Mike Fedorowich
Kelly Ulrich

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