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Target Audience:
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Animals, Competitions, Rhyming children’s stories, Funny animal stories, Friendship, Hippos, Armadillos

The Strength Match
Who's the Real King of the Jungle?
by Jamie Lynn

When a sly hippopotamus challenges her friend, a quiet armadillo, to a strength match, they go head-to-head in a battle royale to determine who is the mightiest animal of the jungle.

Once the little armadillo realizes true character shines greater through strife, and as the hippo embarks on a cheater's path, the two opponents are presented with an outcome that takes everyone by surprise.

With charm, humor, and some valuable lessons, The Strength Match shows us we are all powerful and strong, no matter how small we might be.

Jamie Lynn has always loved reading and writing. Now a teacher, she shares this love with her students, traveling from Wyoming to California to read them her stories. The Strength Match is the first in a collection of poetically humorous children’s books titled “The Jamie Bo Bamie Series.” She lives in Carmel, California, with her husband and their two playful dogs.


Jamie Lynn
Sakshi Mangal

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