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Self help, healing process, ancestors, Aboriginal knowledge, healthy patterns, personal journey, manual

Ancestral Call To Balance
An Alternative Recovery Resource by Sandra Of The Gardens


Re-emerging your ancient grandmother and grandfather wisdom Ancestral Call to Balance is an alternative recovery process that is a unique holistic journey designed to assist those who are seeking to balance unhealthy patterns. The process guides individuals by moving through the medicine wheel teachings, healing each stage of life from childhood to Elder hood. The program integrates earth centered teachings and ceremony, experiential and expressive arts and principles of recovery. The aim of this process is to inspire participants to discover their own inner wisdom guided by the Grandmother and Grandfather stories, songs and expressions received throughout my recovery process into balance.

The Ancestral Call to Balance Recovery Resource has been a sacred and deep experience for me. Although I have taken part in this recovery resource from a distance and on my own, Sandra has been steadfast, capable and compassionate teacher and support thorugh monthly phone calls and e-mails I particularly appreciated the meaningful medicine teachings, ceremony and the exercises that encouraged self-reflection and healing It is apparent to me that a tremendous amount of heart, person experience, thoughtfulness and creativity went into the development of this resource. I feel touched and enriched by my participation in it and I am grateful for how it supported and encouraged my own healing process. Respectfully yours, Andr`ee Ostiguy/Reiki Master

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Sandra Of The Gardens ( Woodpecker Womin) BA Hon., B.Ed. I am a Metis woman of Ojibway, Cree and French descent. I am the granddaughter of a residential school survivor; this legacy has profoundly impacted and directed my life choices. I am mother of six children and a grandmother, all of whom have been my teachers. My journey of expressive arts began when I was five years old in my backyard sandbox. I am a visual artist and have been exhibiting my work since 1978. I am a teacher and have taught in a variety of settings always with an emphasis on using creativity as a catalyst for growth and change. I have facilitated expressive arts healing circles since 1999 and for the last 5 years have implemented Ancestral Call to Balances as an alternative recovery resource with individuals and groups. In the tradition of giving back what I have been given I share the struggles and gifts of my 28 years of recovery. Nominatee For The Ontario Arts Foundation Artist/Educator Award 2018


Sandra Of The Gardens
Ontario Arts Counsil Indigenious Grant
Lara Longo

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