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Women’s poetry, motherhood, grief loss and fear, relationships and family, love, childhood, friendship

As I Was Saying
by Marion F. Frazer

This collection invites you, the reader, into an ongoing conversation – one that, at times, skims the surface of experience, and at others, dives deeper. Just as a conversation drifts from one idea to another, so this subject matter flows from light and playful to heart-wrenchingly tragic and true.

Marion Frazer sometimes describes herself as a poetic evangelist. She firmly believes that there is a poem for everyone, even for those who would normally choose prose. She has studied and taught poetry for decades, writing it herself when time and retrospect lent perspective to experience, and brought with it her unique poetic voice. She has travelled widely and lived in both Eastern and Western Canada, but now lives in the Toronto area with her husband, Lorne, their son, Will, and a beautiful and quirky Golden Retriever called Flair.


Marion F. Frazer

What People are Saying

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