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Energy work, Core values, Self-improvement, Law of Engagement, Core Focused Renewal, Back to the Core, Energy awareness

The Core Perspective
A Still Point of View
by Sandra Zaruba

There’s gold to be found in the depths of the mainstream

That gold is your own life force energy

Seek it, and you will find it

Embrace it, as it is priceless…

The Core Perspective-A Still Point of View is the insightful telling of the author’s life awakening that occurred more than twenty years ago. Covering a vast breadth of time, the book provides research, discoveries, introspection, and more into the concept of “the core.” Using this book, readers will learn how to gain higher levels of consciousness in everyday life through a core focus and core values, helping to create more ease through a strong sense of self.

"Approaching life’s adversities (and opportunities) from the paradigm of the core perspective, provides me a strong direc- tional compass, engages true values, and supports my emotional stability. Each time I engage from this perspective I experience personal growth and a strong centered self, which naturally causes the process to become intrinsic. The result I appreciate most, is my ability to respond to my world with ease and positive affect.”


“Every time, I play the game something new resonates with me and I see things more clearly. The game is fun and provides a great connection with other players. The act of delving into the realms and the close connection with core values has such an impact on my overall wellness. I highly recommend the Core Perspective- Game of Substance as a way to engage your inner core and dis- cover your own patterns and strengths.”


"Sandra majestically combines an earth based approach to spiri- tuality. The tools I've used, combined with the experiences gained from the game have dramatically aided in a personal shift of direc- tion, for which I am forever grateful."


Sandra Zaruba received a certificate in 2009 for successfully completing the Continuing Studies Program at Langara College, Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner. Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C., she graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in 1983. After receiving the certificate for Integrative Energy Healing her primary focus has been on creating tools that offer a framework for self-discovery in everyday life.

Sandra’s personal journey began when she had an extraordinary experience of awakening at a time when her life was not fulfilling her needs as she had expected it would. It led her through many learning experiences, including completing the three-year program at Langara College (Vancouver, 2009). Sandra’s work since then has included starting the website and developing the Core Perspective products.

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Sandra Zaruba

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