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Target Audience:
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kids, centipedes, bugs, creepy-crawlies, environmentalism, holism, growing up

The Case of the Missing Moustache
by Fernanda Lazzaro

Tillsonbug is dark and rainy – a perfect day to stay indoors. But that doesn’t stop the twins, Vivian and Fil, and their best friend, Tia, from getting into mischief after witnessing the appearance and disappearance of a 100-legged monster. Will their fears stand in the way of their finding the centipede? What lessons will they learn about this creepy creature?

This story introduces the idea that even the not-so-cute bugs have a place in the eco-system. We may not like them, but we can respect them.

“An enchanting bedtime story with whimsical illustrations in watercolour.”


“The illustrations are gorgeous in this charming tale about children and a moustache that actually turns out to be a centipede. The story is perfect to be read to children, and children have a scary bit of fun as they learn all about centipedes and their behaviors”

- Mary L. Schmidt, Writer and Illustrator

Fernanda Lazzaro’s interest in bugs was sparked in her childhood, when she would collect and observe little

critters she would find in the backyard and laneway of her Toronto home. However, she always stayed away from spiders and centipedes.

Fernanda enjoys writing about the adventures of Tia and the twins,

but this story was slightly difficult because of her own fear. Even after conducting much research, Fernanda is still afraid! At least now she understands a centipede’s purpose.

The first book in the Tillsonbugger Adventures series is called, “The Swarm that Swarmed”. It follows Tia, Vivian, and Fil through mischief and bee-scoveries.


Fernanda Lazzaro
Qi Zhan

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