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  • The Mentson Girls


    The Mentson Girls is a classic suspense novel for ages 7-12 years of age (but anyone of any age will enjoy it). Set in contemporary 21st century times, the story focuses on four (4) sisters, ages 7-13 years old, with super powers that nobody else ...

  • Dogsled Molly


    Everyone’s favorite first lady, Molly McPherson is about to face her most challenging adventure ever: joining a dogsled team! She’s always loved to run and play in the snow, but this is something new―completely unfamiliar―and that makes it a bit ...

  • Time Gone By

    With the Railway Mice of Countesthorpe by

    Time Gone By is a comforting children's tale about a group of mice faced with the death of a loved one. This story is set in an abandoned railway station in the small village of Countesthorpe, Leicestershire, England. After the group’s ...

  • The Day We Went into the Woods


    "Let us tell you about the day we went into the woods. It had some creatures doing things you never thought they could. We’ll share our tales from one to ten - and keep you on your toes! Could it be true? That’s up to you. Find out how the story ...

  • The Adventures of Ana and Pitsi

    Inuit Daughters of Canada's North by

    The Ana and Pitsi series of stories are written to be enjoyed by children and parents alike. The stories take place in the barren lands of northern Canada. The North West Territories are cold and uninviting, but have been the home to people who have ...

  • Sylvia's Secret Science Society


    It all starts with a single question and the desire to learn a thrilling new lesson! Sylvia's mom works from home and when Sylvia claims she’s bored, her mom encourages her to find ways to entertain herself by exploring the world around her. Join ...

  • Terrance the Tomato


    A note from the author: Terrance is a tomato that grew in our garden last year. He came from a six pack of heirloom tomatoes that we bought at a local greenhouse. He was a knife stroke away from becoming salsa when I realized he had a face! His ...

  • Mia and the Crystal Tulip


    After being shrunk to the size of an insect, Mia sets off on an adventure to regain her size and escape villains. She discovers a society who lives in the shadows of the human world, unseen. With the help of four friends, she must race against time ...

  • Fall of the Fierce


    When Alvar, an amateur hunter, joins the seasoned warriors of Ferox on their mission to find the source of the plague that has struck their ancient land, he has no idea that they will face many harrowing obstacles. Hunting dangerous creatures, like ...