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  • Jack & Rat's Great Adventures

    The Search for the Spirit Bear by

    Today’s a special day. We’re off on an adventure! We’re heading out to play! Jack and his rat are on the hunt for the mysterious Spirit Bear that lives on a nearby island. While they search for the Spirit Bear, Jack and Rat make new animal friends ...

  • Wendy and the Wind


    Everyone loves Wendy and Wendy loves everyone…except for the wind! Wendy thinks that the wind is cold, and mean, and doesn’t know how to play. The sandbox loves her. The bath loves her. Even the baby freeze loves her! Wendy just can’t understand ...

  • The Legend of Black Eyed Bart


    Did a pirate really live on Beemer’s Hill? When Tom and Andy hear the local legend of pirate Black Eyed Bart, they set out to find his old treasures. But a storm rolls in and dampens their chances of finding anything. Is it too late, or can they ...

  • Mr. Glow


    Lily a garden moth finds herself on the wrong side of the fence in this imaginative story about helping others and being brave. Follow Lily and her friends as they work together to defeat the mysterious bug light, Mr. Glow.

  • Adventure Van and the Travelling Clan


    What is “home” exactly? Is it just the place where you sleep? Where you keep your stuff? An apartment, a house, an igloo, or even somewhere out under the stars? Well, these are the sorts of questions that the members of one family start asking ...

  • Stories from the Sandbox

    Part I & II by

    What would you do if you discovered a whole new world beneath your own feet, in the depths of your own sandbox? Would you explore the world, and learn its magical secrets? Or would you run away from the countless evil beasts that swarm the ...

  • Jeremy's Treasure Hunt


    Jeremy’s Treasure Hunt invites readers into a magical mice world, where ten-year-old mouse Jeremy Jones attends Shady Tree Elementary. Winning the local, school soccer championship has been a dream come true for Jeremy! So when his school announces ...

  • Ice

    A teen spacer battles isolation and pirates by

    Ice. When melted into water, all life depends on it. Everyone needs this highly valued compound, and some are willing to do anything to get it. Sixteen-year-old Mark Olson is an engineering apprentice on his family’s Rover ship, Start Over. ...

  • Trapped at TRIUMF


    On her first day at a new middle school in Vancouver, Cindy makes friends with her lab partners: Peter, Lincoln, Katy, and Ali. They quickly bond over their shared love of science and form a secret club, the Thunderbirds, named for Cindy’s ...

  • Makayla and Sammy’s Show and Tell Adventure


    It’s show-and-tell day and would you not want to be able to bring the most super-de-duper show-and-tell surprise EVER? That is what Makayla wants too! This is her very most favourite day and you never know what will happen, because sometimes chaos ...