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  • Fire Dog


    A puppy sneaks out of a pet shop in a big city. He has many adventures as he meets people, hoping that one of them will be able to tell him his name. The vintage artwork gives children a glimpse into a world very different from that in which they ...

  • Jesse and Red to the Rescue


    Jesse and Red are best friends out looking for adventure, when suddenly their mission changes. As they journey, new paths await them. Sure, they have a job to do, but sometimes you have to set aside the original goal in order to help out those in ...

  • Dreamkeeper


    When Kestrel first joined the crew of the Dreamkeeper—a ferryboat servicing two small jungle villages on the Gecko River—he was only eight years old. Five years later, he's become a strong young man and his three crewmates have become his family. He ...

  • The Legend of Black Eyed Bart, Book 3

    The Adventures of Tom and Andy by

    What happened to Black Eyed Bart’s Jolly Roger? The adventure continues as Tom and Andy discover that a lost piece of history—the Jolly Roger from the pirate ship Scallywag—once flew at the end of Beemer’s Point. The boys set out to find it. But ...

  • Stars Beyond the Veil


    Kate and her two best friends are on the run from the law and find themselves back in the Kingdom of What Is. But what they find is worse than the problems they left behind. The land they’d risked everything to save years ago is in the hands of ...

  • The Arcade Absurdity


    When a social media star named Lux claims the Mega Vortex ride is actually an alien spaceship, people believe him and stop riding it. He also says the aliens gave him superpowers to use in the Waldameer arcade. Seth and Julia are doubtful, but Lux ...

  • Escape from Cat City 2

    Secret of Zoltar by

    Pepper has been having some amazing adventures. First, while at an outdoor celebration with his favourite little girl, the small puppy was carried off by balloons and dropped down smack in the middle of Cat City, where puppies are anything but ...

  • Greenbeard the Pirate Pig


    Ahoy, my Piggywinkles! Sail into adventure with GREENBEARD the guinea pig pirate, as Snug Rumkin, Greenbeard’s ratty first mate, tries to teach him how to be a “proper” pirate!

  • The Adventures of Mr. Grass


    Mr. Grass is a tiny blade of grass who does everything with his best friend, a grasshopper named Biggles — until one day Mr. Grass is whisked away by a strong wind! Now he’s all alone, and about to start an epic journey. How will he survive on his ...

  • Heart of the Hudson


    It’s 1843, and siblings Cara and Will have no one but each other. Their father is somewhere in the New World and their mother disappeared after their home was destroyed in the Highland Clearances. To escape their orphaned situation, Will lies about ...