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Unconditional love, New love, Lesbian, Break up, North, Long distance, Seasons

Love Letters to Lucy
by Sierra MacPheat

“Write about us,” you said, “and call it Love Letters to Lucy.”

Is love worth fighting for, and to what end?

Love Letters to Lucy is a generous record of a relationship—coming out, self-identity, long-distance yearning, love letters, and heartache—but mostly it’s about love.

When two young women connect and fall in love, each discovers as much about themselves as they do the other. When long distance, personal ambition, and self-discovery complicate their relationship, the lovers are faced with a difficult realization: True love knows when to let go.

In her stunning poetic debut, Sierra MacPheat explores love worth fighting for and love worth releasing.

Sierra MacPheat is a Canadian poet. Love Letters to Lucy is her debut collection. She lives in Nanaimo, B.C.


Sierra MacPheat
Lucy Dimitroff

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