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Fantasy Novel, Action/Adventure Novel, Fantasy with Magic, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Mystery

Two Souls
by M. E. Faber

In a world that is nothing like ours, is where this story begins. You follow a man named Axel who lives a troubled life. Everything started from the day he was born, during which his life and his body were forever bound by a curse. Cast out of his family and treated like a criminal, he chooses to wander the world alone, not wanting to infect others. But deep down, in a place not even he will admit exists, Axel desires nothing more than the loving human companionship that he denies himself. To earn another’s companionship, he must atone for the sins he committed in the past and the threat those deeds have created for the entire land from which he lives in. However, as he lives with those burden, he must come to terms with his reality. The very thing that sets him apart from everyone else—the two souls, that reside within him.

Matthew Erik Faber was driven to write this novel due to his love of fantasy fiction, video games, and action/adventure stories. Unable to find the sort of deep, action-packed tales he craved, he decided to create his own. Two Souls is his first novel, but it won’t be his last. Faber lives in Scarborough, Ontario.


M. E. Faber

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