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  • Raja and the Trunk of Antom


    BATTLING FEAR … EMBRACING FAITH … Peasants from across the land of Zurkia are disappearing by scores. When Princess Raja discovers that they have been abducted, she convinces Lord Viktor to allow her – along with her friend Pavel and cousin Hannah ...

  • Two Souls


    In a world that is nothing like ours, is where this story begins. You follow a man named Axel who lives a troubled life. Everything started from the day he was born, during which his life and his body were forever bound by a curse. Cast out of his ...

  • Wolf's Run


    After a terrible incident, Wolf flees from his remote village, pursued by the lord's men. He's joined by his best friend and a bizarre female warrior from snow-covered Pythagor, only to discover that something from his nightmares might be chasing ...

  • Trinity


    “There are too many secrets.” Until now Trinity had never used magic. He lives in exile, ousted on the night of his birth to a remote priory to be raised with all the feminine grace of a princess, isolated and ignorant of his true heritage. Then ...

  • Raja and the Throne of Zurkia


    Snared by evil … freed by love … When Raja, a peasant in a village outside of a royal manor, is appointed by a young lord, Pavel, to serve in the manor, she quickly meets Hannah, her long-lost cousin, and learns of her real status—Princess and ...

  • My Inner Elf


    Move over Vampires; witches and other super natural beings. Make way for elves that can shape shift, cast spells. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a princess or an elf? What if you found someone you trusted betrayed your family? ...

  • Jinx

    Awakens by

    A 5,000-year-old prophecy has thrown thirteen-year-old Alex Conner's life into a whirlwind of events. Things he knew to be absolutes are no more. His friends treat him differently, his parents treat him differently, the world treats him differently. ...

  • Primal Aspects Book 2

    New Ties by

    Two years have passed since the fateful day when Naster’s hometown was destroyed by Yazerick, the dragon aspect, and leader of a rogue band of primal aspects―the Aspect Revolution―whose goal is to overthrow humankind. Only Naster, the wolf aspect, ...

  • Karyana's Journey

    Upon a Star: Tome 1 by

    A star is plucked from the heavens, given mortal form, and sent into the world of Medierth. The love of starborn Karyana is the one slim hope that Reveen, exiled Planar of Magic, has for redemption. Such is the will and mercy of the Divine Council. ...