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  • Steadfast Sword


    It was called the Steadfast sword. In truth it was never really given a name by its creator. It was a weapon fit for the gods, and yet the gods have never seen it. To the gods the Steadfast sword remains a mystery. What vexes the gods most was that ...

  • The Great Battle of Volinrath


    In the kingdom of Korux in the land of Volinrath, men, elves, and dwarves have lived and ruled together since time out of mind. Until, that is, a surprise attack by a massive army of trolls lays waste to their kingdom and their way of life. The ...

  • Karyana's Journey

    Upon a Star: Tome 1 by

    A star is plucked from the heavens, given mortal form, and sent into the world of Medierth. The love of starborn Karyana is the one slim hope that Reveen, exiled Planar of Magic, has for redemption. Such is the will and mercy of the Divine Council. ...

  • Secret Sorcerer

    Moon Child Memoirs Book 2 by

    High Sorcerer Feline of the Ellfs escapes from the Skethrylln of the Adlamar Spiral to discover that L'Enfant de La Lune escaped from the torches of the Celts. Feline quickly resumes his interrupted mission to fall under attack by an ancient enemy. ...

  • The Eye of Verishten


    Welcome to a world of war and ancient magic, where to fight means to kill, and to kill is mercy. This is Ingleheim. For thousands of years, Golem Mages ruled the volcanic mountain ranges, conjuring powerful entities out of the elements and ...

  • Quest For Indium


    In far-off lands so long ago…. Venture into a time of brave knights and noble kings, where fierce dragons fly over once-peaceful lands and war is waged by greedy men. It will take a hero’s courage to rule over evil and return peace to fair Indium. ...

  • In God We Trust


    A war is brewing between good and evil, in the heavens and upon the earth—a war that could destroy the very fabric of the universe. As the underworld amasses its power and warriors of heaven prepare their weapons, the clock ticks towards doom. The ...

  • The Heir

    Darkstone Trilogy by

    For sixteen idyllic years, nineteen-year-old Kayla has lived with her adopted family: Mona, Brock, and their son Kale, in the bucolic village of Ilandry. But the idyll ends in one horrific day when Ilandry is attacked by grotesque green men who ...

  • The Crossroads of Truth


    'The Crossroads of Truth' is the second book in the 'A Shard of History' series. Wizards, Giants, Shadow Dwellers, magic and a misunderstood foreshadowing - 'Crossroads of Truth' leads the reader on an exciting ride to a stunning revelation. What ...