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Grandmothers, Adventure, Seasons, Friendship, Neighbours, Chinese Canadian, Rhyming

The Adventures of Landon and Lucy
by Colleen Anne Fauser

Landon and Lucy, they are the best of friends . . . and no matter the season, there are adventures to be had! In these four rhyming stories, follow Landon and Lucy’s escapades through Winter Frolics, Spring Frenzies, Summer Frazzles, and Fall Frantics.

Each day for Landon and Lucy packs a ton of fun, from tobogganing and skating to flying a powerful kite, to hopscotch and selling lemonade to riding a Ferris wheel. Every evening, it’s time for Lucy’s Grandma Chou’s delicious lo mai gai, although Landon wishes he lived closer to his Grandma Co and her apple pie.

Landon and Lucy’s furry friends—Landon’s kitten Lady Girl and Lucy’s puppy Little Lucky—join them for some of their romps, and even Grandma Co and Grandma Chou have an adventure of their own! No matter what difficulties the kids get into, they know the Grandmas love them with all their hearts.

Come explore with Landon and Lucy! There’s plenty of adventure for every season.

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Colleen Anne Fauser (also known as “Grandma Co”) is a proud mother and grandmother. The Adventures of Landon and Lucy is inspired by her grandson Landon, and her own adventures growing up in a large family. As a retired Registered Nurse she is now able to enjoy more time with Landon, and her creative writing in storytelling. Her new granddaughter, Evie, has arrived. “Grandma Co” had better get busy! She lives near Lake Huron in Southampton, Ontario, with her loving, supportive husband, Brad, and their six-year-old Maltese-Bichon dog, Hampton.


Colleen Anne Fauser
Ken Thornburn

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