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  • Follow the Red Wagon


    The setting is a small community with close proximity to beaches and small family run shops. The red wagon is a central figure in the family and taken many places and known to the neighbourhood. The inspiration for the book came from a sighting I ...

  • I Saw Love Dancing


    I Saw Love Dancing is about experiencing love in everyday moments, borne from a journey of growth and healing. The illustrations depict moments between a mother and child, set among British Columbia's beautiful lakes and valleys. Big ideas are ...

  • Teeny Tiny Frob


    There’s no snow on the ground and the weather dragons of Fable Forest are worried. Teeny Tiny Frob is very small and very frightened. But she doesn’t yet know she’s also very brave and determined. Will she be able to find Snogwash and bring back the ...

  • An Earth Child's Book of the Year


    About the Book: An Earth Child’s Book of the Year is a delicately beautiful evocation of the seasonal round. Marian Louise Camden’s lyrical prose and the detailed pictures by Diane Beem Wright combine to transport young children to a wondrous land. ...