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Target Audience:
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Gratitude, Prayer, Children and God, Nature, Family, Poetry, Children’s spirituality

My Collection
How Children Can Develop Daily Prayers of Thanks by Dianne De Jong

In this story, a little boy is thankful for many of his collections including rocks, butterflies, worms and feathers. However, the little boy comes to realize in the end, that his most valuable collection is his collection of prayers thanking God for all the wonderful things which God has made including him! Dianne’s other children’s stories include God’s Brilliant Shining Star, Where In the World? and God’s One Language. Her stories convey a message of showing kindness, love and compassion for all.

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Dianne De Jong knows the benefits of living a life of gratitude. As an elementary school administrator, she wants all her students to live in gratitude by saying thank you. In the children’s story, My Collection, she hopes to teach children the beautiful feeling inside when you say, ‘Thank You’ for all the things that surround us in our daily lives.


Dianne De Jong

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