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  • Where In The World?

    Learning To Make A Difference In The Lives of Others by

    For children living in areas of the world where they are given everything they need and most of their wants, it might be difficult for these children to show empathy or understand that there are children in other parts of the world who do not have ...

  • The Christmas Story


    The Christmas story was created to bring the spectacular reality of the birth of Jesus to children of all ages in an informative and fun way. It is a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas and all it's participants and why we celebrate this ...

  • My Collection

    How Children Can Develop Daily Prayers of Thanks by

    In this story, a little boy is thankful for many of his collections including rocks, butterflies, worms and feathers. However, the little boy comes to realize in the end, that his most valuable collection is his collection of prayers thanking God ...

  • A Gentle Haven of Rhymes and Verses


    A Gentle Haven of Rhymes and Verses proves that love of poetry has no age limit. Specifically designed in two parts – one for young children and the young at heart and the other for older children and adult readers – this is a book that will grow ...

  • My Baby's First Love


    My Baby's First Love is a children’s book for the loving parent. Lauren’s story is a hug from the heart to parents and children all over the world. It embodies the essence of a mother’s love and reflects on important teachings worthy of reading your ...

  • Max's Best Day Ever!


    A young rat is having the best day ever on the crowded streets of Bethlehem, stuffing himself with food that has been accidentally dropped. But Max's day gets even better as a surprise awaits him in the barn where he rests. A shepherd boy gives Max ...



    Roy had looked forward to the trip his parents had planned for the family. He had looked forward to it for weeks and felt that it was going to be the happiest day of his life. On the morning of the trip Roy got ready hours before the departure time. ...

  • Lullaby for Alana


    Alana has a problem. She can’t go to sleep! For several nights now, her mommy and daddy have tried to help. They’ve rubbed her back and sung her favorite songs…still, she hardly gets any sleep at all. But what Alana doesn’t know is that her guardian ...

  • The Garden People


    Warrior carrots, club-wielding pumpkins, and a three-headed Cornstalk armed with an executioner’s axe, lead the battle to recapture the Book. But, will they defeat Solomon Growhard and his onion renegades soaring upon giant bats? It is a race ...

  • Before the Beginning


    Before the Beginning is the majestic story of angelic creation, prior to the known story of Adam and Eve. Included is a glossary of facts regarding the Nine Choirs of Angels, based on the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas.