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Short stories, Canadian history, Ecstasy, Serial killers, Insulin, Great Depression, Canadian families

More TC'S Tales
by Thomas McCavour

MORE TC’S TALES is a second collection of short stories by Thomas McCavour. Trust Me is a story about the illicit drug trade, embezzlement and love. Hugs and Kisses deals with a romance and rescue. Arrowhead is a Native American love story and the curse of an arrowhead pendant. The Cave is a Tom Sawyer type of adventure tale involving drug traffickers, imprisonment and escape. Kelsie is a story about a paraplegic couple who inspire their daughter to compete in aerial acrobatics. The Cat Sign is play set in the depression years of the 1930s. Just Twins is a story about two identical twins pursuing a successful musical career. In The Lost Years, grandma follows the Golden Rule. The Golden Nugget is about a mining robot that discovers gold. The Burtons story outlines how five siblings experience love and murder. The Bluenose is all about catching smugglers. What is a Sister is a love poem. The Red Surge is a murder mystery about lethal injection. Home Sweet Home is a nostalgic poem. Change is a perspective about global warming. Trinity is a story about erecting a statue on Alcatraz Island. In Hiawatha, two Indians become rich and successful silver barons. The Oracle is some early writing by the author. Pine Tree Haven is a tale about unusual activities at a nursing home. Peekaboo is about an amputee who discovers a murder. I’m clean details how a drug addict recovers. Washed Up describes how a window washer is rescued.

Thomas McCavour is a Canadian novelist, poet and play writer with a background in engineering, construction and gardening. McCavour has written dozens of short stories and nine novels and is well known for his lectures on both engineering and gardening subjects. Recent motivational lectures include So You Want to Write Your Memoirs, Therapeutic Gardening for Zoomers and What To Do With Your Life, Before You Kick the Bucket.


Thomas McCavour

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