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  • Bound


    In the late 1700s, determinedly independent Suzanna Torriano arrives on St. John’s Island as an amateur botanist and the new governor’s mistress. But Suzanna is soon caught between two worlds—the colonial pressures from Britain that are at odds with ...

  • Geordie MacMurdo Bides His Time


    Geordie MacMurdo is a widowed lawyer living and practising in Isla, a Scottish-Canadian town located just north of Winnipeg. One of his clients, a Ukrainian rancher, apparently commits suicide, but Geordie suspects another cause, perhaps murder. The ...

  • Exciting World Adventures


    Exciting World Adventures is a collection of short stories that take place around the world, in settings ranging from Africa all the way to the Arctic. Some tales are fictional depictions of people from vastly different places and walks of life, ...

  • In the Shadow of Mountains


    Moving from the 1936 Olympics in Berlin to Alberta in the 1970's, this is a story of two women whose lives and loves parallel each other through-out different generations. Each has had to deal with betrayal and vengeance and the fate of the senior ...

  • Life Orbits The Barn

    ...and other short stories by

    Lyndenn Behm draws on personal experience to tell stories set in the world of Prairie farms, small towns and First Nations. Some of the tales are pure in their sincerity; others are comical and may seem far fetched, but people who have lived in ...

  • All Of The Colourful Seasons


    The small riverside town has not recovered from The Great Depression, yet WW2 is on the horizon and many young men in town are signing up. Doctor Ben Harder is embittered with his life, he's married to Louisa, the town tart while his heart still ...

  • Tales from Alberta Muskeg Country


    Alive with the wild sparkling of snow-covered trees, visited by ephemeral moose, and crackling with the fire of northern spirit, Tales from Alberta Muskeg Country is an electrifying and truly Canadian debut. Echoing with the wonder of the vast ...

  • Lost Cain

    A Novel by

    CAIN MCALLISTER’S birth on the bank of the Mississippi River during an earthquake becomes a small-town story of infamy and forever changes the strong, troubled women who love the little boy. Though shunned and bullied throughout his childhood, ...

  • Boy Soldiers


    Boy Soldiers is a coming-of-age story about friendship, commitment, and following in the footsteps of the generations before us. Initially set in rural North Bay, Ontario, home of the Canadian Armed Forces Algonquin Regiment, the story follows a ...