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  • Lost Cain

    A Novel by

    CAIN MCALLISTER’S birth on the bank of the Mississippi River during an earthquake becomes a small-town story of infamy and forever changes the strong, troubled women who love the little boy. Though shunned and bullied throughout his childhood, ...

  • Tales from Alberta Muskeg Country


    Alive with the wild sparkling of snow-covered trees, visited by ephemeral moose, and crackling with the fire of northern spirit, Tales from Alberta Muskeg Country is an electrifying and truly Canadian debut. Echoing with the wonder of the vast ...

  • Boy Soldiers


    Boy Soldiers is a coming-of-age story about friendship, commitment, and following in the footsteps of the generations before us. Initially set in rural North Bay, Ontario, home of the Canadian Armed Forces Algonquin Regiment, the story follows a ...

  • Norma


    Norma, a new work of fiction by writer Mark Zwolinski, asks you to enjoy a roller coaster like story about a kind, elderly woman, who saves a town from corruption and violence by surviving those very things herself. But the book also asks you to ...

  • You Can't Make This Stuff Up


    In You Can’t Make This Stuff Up, William M. Scovell writes, “Somehow, we all get through it and land somewhere.” These stories find the mischievous and clever protagonist and a cast of colorful characters entangled in the web of life’s perplexing ...

  • Anna's Tree


    It’s 1941, near the town of Southampton, Ontario, and five young sisters are reeling from an accident that killed their mother and severely injured their father. With help from their aunt, the sisters strive to keep the family farm operating as ...

  • Bela Joe


    La vera Bela 'Joe' ( Ĝo ) estis mezgranda, bruna kaj miksrasa hundo. Li estis origine posedata de viraĉo de la urbo Meaford, en Ontario, Kanado, kiu kruele misuzis lin kaj eĉ fortranĉis liajn orelojn kaj voston. Walter Moore savis la hundon en 1890 ...

  • Friends

    A Collection of Short Stories by

    This book includes six short stories all unrelated to each other. One story is true while the others are based on a bare minimum of fact and are almost totally fictional. The themes range from kids on vacation to murder to assisted dying and more. ...

  • Bullies


    The tragic death of a twelve year old child takes place in a small, close-knit rural community. Who would have thought this could happen here? This is the story of an elementary school student who takes his own life, and the rippling eff ects it has ...