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Health, Yoga, Personal Growth, Breath, Inner peace, Mindfulness, Self-awareness

Will & Mysteria
Two Inseparable Yogi's
by Christa Reynolds

Our liberation is closer than we might acknowledge...

So many of us today yearn to live an authentic life in alignment with our higher self. We enroll in meditation classes, practice yoga, engage in unique relationships to explore our feelings, while trying to truly understand ourselves and live in the present. We seek to know what fulfills and motivates us to be the best we can be. Will and Mysteria is the mythical journey of one young man – Oliver Humane. He’s an ambitious young professor who wants to make a difference in the world. He subconsciously desires to know who he really is and what he can aspire to be. Will and Mysteria are two influential yogis he comes to know through his travails; while bumping up against their rival, Edgar. Together, the three will help Oliver explore his innermost being and wake him up to the kind of divine existence we can all aspire to.

“Will & Mysteria is a beautiful allegory of self awareness and inner thought. It’s a potent and timeless tale of the struggle to stay true to your inner truth and intuition amongst the strong call of one’s ego and desire for success. I have found myself re-reading it and uncovering more wisdom with each read. Its a book to be shared and referenced...appropriate for everyone of all ages.”

Denise Dresser, SVP

Technology Executive, Salesforce

“I once told Christa Reynolds that I tried to perform random acts of kindness. To which she replied, “Why random? Why not do it every day?” Will & Mysteria is about “doing it every day.”

Richard Polsky, author I bought Andy Warhol

“Love your book! Just like your photography, your book is an illustration of the beauty of being oneself.”

Romy David

Spirit Rock Meditation Coordinator

“A lovely and imaginative book, an easy blend of physical and mental, spiritual, and secular, with (best of all) exercises to be practiced.”

Rev. Hosho Peter Coyote, Zen Buddhist priest.

“A modern day Icarus with an internal twist”

Mary Sherman

Hanson Bridgett

Christa Reynolds photo

Christa Reynolds is a seasoned Yoga and Meditation teacher, as well as an Intuitive, who currently teaches Chakra Clearing Meditation in the San Francisco area. Her meditation classes include clearing your energy field, releasing pent-up and/or restless energy through gentle breathing, while teaching you to understand how chakra management enhances your life. Christa’s classes also gently nudge practitioners towards sacred mantra which allows them to drop sweetly into both a peaceful and joyful place within. She lives in Sausalito, California and relishes her early morning walks with her dog “Noshi” down by the waters edge.


Christa Reynolds

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