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  • Om Canada

    An Intimate Glimpse at Yoga's Firsts by

    OM Canada: An Intimate Glimpse at Yoga’s Firsts is a celebration of yoga's history in Canada. Here are profiles of sixty of the country's yoga innovators-the firsts to set up a practice in their area, -start a provincial association, launch a TV ...

  • Will & Mysteria

    Two Inseparable Yogi's by

    Our liberation is closer than we might acknowledge... So many of us today yearn to live an authentic life in alignment with our higher self. We enroll in meditation classes, practice yoga, engage in unique relationships to explore our feelings, ...

  • Release Your Inner Wild

    The modern day women's guide to reconnecting with your true Self; honouring your health, passion and power by

    Release Your Inner Wild is for the woman seeking to reconnect with her health, herself and her Wild. The word “wild” is everywhere it seems, but do we know its true meaning? Modern day living has taken us away from our roots of Mother Earth and ...

  • Teaching Aqua Yoga


    Teaching Aqua Yoga is an exciting and fresh look at how to combine two very popular fitness disciplines. Aqua fit instructors, yoga teachers, personal trainers – and in fact, anyone looking to add the amazing benefits of aqua yoga in their own lives ...

  • Empowered Body

    Yoga & Mindfulness practices to transform the way you show up in your body and life by

    This book will empower you to become more engaged in your moment-to-moment experiences, changing the way you show up everyday in your body and life. The body speaks we are just not listening. Doing less and being more is a health secret-actually ...

  • Yoga as Origami

    Themes from Katonah Yoga by

    The practices of the body hold the power to transform the habits of the mind. Understanding the body’s fundamental proportions, folds, and fits is the key to establishing a safe and effective yoga practice and achieving optimal health and ...

  • The Yoga of Divorce

    A Mindful Route to Resolving Disputes by

    “So far lawyers are the only ones getting any money.” “There’s no middle ground. We only talk through lawyers.” “I open my mouth and we end up screaming at each other.” Sound familiar? What if there was a way to divorce with a minimum of hostility, ...

  • From My Heart To Yours


    A COURAGEOUS JOURNEY OF TRANSFORMATION This poignant, touching and often humorous memoir traces one woman’s search for her authentic life. Told with refreshing candour, From My Heart To Yours invites us to share the ups and downs of a life looking ...

  • What Makes Your Heart Sing?

    a guide to creating themes for yoga classes by

    In a time where the meaning of yoga in the Western world has become yet another way to exercise and the push to make yoga a business has materialized, instructors today must reconnect with the hearts of their students, revisit their purpose for ...