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Immigration, building a new life, older adults, Caribbean, Canadian, UACS, Peel region

Our Lives, Our Heritage
Stories from African-Caribbean-Canadian Seniors in Region of Peel by Angela J Carter

Imagine leaving all you know to come to a country where the majority of people are a different colour from you and have a different culture from yours. You aspire to create a better life for yourself and your family, but you are told you can’t work without “Canadian experience.” While some people accept and even welcome you, others refuse to sit next to you on the bus. Would you stay?

Some of the 38 seniors featured in Our Lives, Our Heritage were part of a small wave of Caribbean immigrants who arrived in Canada in the late 50s and 60s under the West Indian Domestic Scheme. Others were able to immigrate to Canada when a family member sponsored them. Some came as visitors, stayed, and faced a life in the shadows until they became legal immigrants. Yet no matter how they arrived, all chose to stay in Canada. Here, they survived, thrived, and helped to build the communities they joined. Their stories are an important piece of Canada’s social history and serve as a reminder that immigrants have and still do build and strengthen our country.

Most of the seniors in Our Lives, Our Heritage have connections to the Healthy, Active, & Wise Seniors group of United Achievers’ Community Services (UACS)* in Brampton, Ontario. UACS is a charity that provides culturally enriching services and programs that support and enhance the lives of families and individuals throughout the Region of Peel’s Black and Caribbean communities.

The editor of the book, Angela J. Carter, is the Executive Director of UACS. She notes: “The idea for this book was born when we were gathered around a table at a meeting of our seniors group. The majority of the members were from the Caribbean, and they were reminiscing about their various countries

of birth and their experiences of coming to Canada. The stories were so rich in content and in lessons learned that it was proposed we should capture those stories to pass on to current and future generations. This collection is the end result.”

* The organization’s name has since been changed to Roots Community Services.


Angela J Carter

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