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Ghosts, Paranormal, Miracles, Telepathic, Teleportation, Mystical, Supernatural

I Am the Ghost of Chateau Laurier
by Rob Kohlman

I Am the Ghost of Chateau Laurier is an extraordinary first-person account of encounters with the paranormal. In this compelling collection, the author shares intimate stories of a lifetime’s worth of experiences with mysterious and inexplicable events. There are tales of teleportation, hypnosis, and ghostly visits, including the eponymous revelation of the spirit who haunts the historic landmark hotel in downtown Ottawa, adjacent to Parliament Hill.

Taken as a whole, these fascinating narratives will forever erase any doubt in readers’ minds that there is a supernatural world that exists alongside the natural one.

I Am the Ghost of Chateau Laurier is a collection of amazing true stories that have happened in my life. It contains things that science says can't happen but most of the world believes in miracles, but maybe this book will tell the world of my miracles.


Rob Kohlman

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