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  • Walking in Two Worlds


    Walking in Two Worlds is a fascinating, authentic account of an individual’s encounters with the unexplained. Here is a collection of journal entries—spanning many years—that recount the author’s dreams, telepathic events, out-of-body experiences, ...

  • I Am the Ghost of Chateau Laurier


    I Am the Ghost of Chateau Laurier is an extraordinary first-person account of encounters with the paranormal. In this compelling collection, the author shares intimate stories of a lifetime’s worth of experiences with mysterious and inexplicable ...

  • The Borders of Normal

    A Clinical Psychiatrist De-Stigmatizes Paranormal Phenomena by

    DREAMS THAT COME TRUE TELEPATHY, ESP, VISIONS, PREMONITIONS NEAR-DEATH AND OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCES Most of us have heard stories of these unusual phenomena, as told by millions of people throughout history and across cultures. Or perhaps we have ...

  • Surrounded By Spirits

    Visitors From Beyond by

    JOURNEY THROUGH TERROR Ghostly images caught on camera – spirit voices calling her name – everywhere Dorothy Turk went the spirits of the dead would find and torment her. She tried to ignore them, but that only forced them to use more aggressive ...