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Childhood horror story, Possessed toy, Possessed teddy bear, Cursed family, Domestic violence, Family tragedy, Demonic possession

Souls Of The Dead
by Juliana Archer

Six-year-old Melody’s new teddy bear has a dangerous secret—there’s a demon trapped inside its soft body, intent on stealing human souls. When Melody’s mother, Sarah, makes a simple wish one day, she unknowingly sets in motion an evil plan that threatens to destroy her entire family. As the demon wreaks havoc on Sarah’s once-tranquil life, the souls of her loved ones are left in a hell dimension where they are relentlessly tortured. The demon is determined to take everyone Sarah cares about, and she must face her greatest fear—was she really responsible for opening up the gates of hell? Somehow, amidst the terror, she must find the strength and courage to fight the demon and send it back to hell once and for all. Even if it costs Sarah her very life.

Then they will go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into eternal life. Matthew 25:46

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Juliana Archer is a long-time fan of horror movies and horror fiction, and writing runs in her family; her father is an author as well. She first got the idea for Souls of the Dead from a dream, and it evolved from there. She lives in Toronto, Ontario with her three cats, where she enjoys the noise of the city but also appreciates the quiet of living alone so she can write. Souls of the Dead is her first book.


Juliana Archer

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