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Love and loss, Poetic novel, Recalling life, Memories of love, Lost love celebrated, Enduring love, Friends and lovers

Book One: Sporadic Memories
by Ali Marsman

Sporadic Memories is a novel about a lifestyle that needs to be read about. Within the first few pages you will realize there has been a loss, it is not sad though; the narrator expresses with great enthusiasm the life they lived, which makes it nice during the times when it becomes difficult to read.

By the first few pages I hope you can hear the narrator has been alive for a long time, explaining the way it is written?

There is no distinction between the characters’ genders, which offers a personal experience for the reader.

The part that remembers the time they gave bracelets to each other brings about another way of joining together in marriage … following how their courtship developed, and the apple tree that is depicted throughout the novel using its fruit in traditional family recipes. It gets sad for a bit after this, but notice that it gets sad because there is so much more to why the one lost is worth writing about.

It is partly a love story. You know for sure it is when you get to the parts about the piano played and songs written … you should at first read to the first song. The memory at the exhibition and recalling times in the rain and snow are next. They traveled a lot together and you will read of a place if you read a little past the description of the surroundings of their home.

If you read to the first birthday mentioned; you will find a recipe worth trying, a poem worth reading, and fireworks. The narrator is a playwright, so there is a play that is broken down throughout the novel … it is a difficult read, but it is important in showing how the two brought their work together, and what positive influences they made upon those they met.

Things are repeated to show how important positive repetition is, which helps to move past pain while remembering the passion. This novel is full of passion, carried throughout the life they had for each other, their work, and their friends … you might want to read through first until you hear about their friends.

This novel completes the story as the pages turn; putting certain pages together will bring the memories in order.

It is an easy read.

It is written poetically, which gives it justice. It begins the way it ends …

Sporadic Memories is a novel about a lifestyle that needs to be read about.

Ali Marsman was born in 1978, she grew up and spent twenty-five years living in Nova Scotia and now lives in British Columbia. Her first two books, Heal With Me, and Our Journey Goes On, sent her on a journey throughout Canada presenting motivational workshops and speeches, in schools, group homes, shelters and within various other organizations and societies. Ali has received many awards for her writing and has been profiled in many magazines as well as television and radio programs. She is currently working on a few more books and her piano pedagogy and performance diplomas.


Ali Marsman

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