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  • Light My Fire


    Tara’s breath hitched. He was here. The one-night stand she could not stop dreaming about. Two years ago, recently divorced Tara spent a steamy night with the sexy Adam Robertson. His touch awakened sensual desires she did not know she possessed. ...

  • Children at Risk


    Lillian, a social worker, is used to making tough decisions involving families. Widowed in her 40s and haunted by a tragedy from early in her career, she’s been struggling to find her footing. Especially with two troubling cases that are making her ...

  • Revenge Mistaken

    (A Twisted Love Story) by

    Ivy Reynolds has it all: a successful business, a large, happy family, and Vins, the man of her dreams. Until one day, out of nowhere, Vins doesn’t come home from work. Ivy’s increasingly frantic texts and calls are met with silence; another day ...

  • Love & Lust


    Maya has been to hell and back with a terrible relationship that has left her emotionally, physically, and financially drained, so when her friend Maddie invites her to her wedding at a resort on a beautiful Caribbean Island, Maya knows it is ...

  • Snake Of The Nile


    History isn't always written as it truly happened . . . In all four corners of the ancient world, growing threats assemble into a storm of carnage, as the Roman eagle seeks to seize all who will not kneel before it in its golden talons. In the ...

  • Of Love & Stardust


    It’s the summer of 2012, when Demir first sees Phen in a crowded Istanbul restaurant. Their eyes meet and it feels like everything has led them to this moment, like an inevitable stellar explosion. However, their moment of pure bliss is short-lived ...

  • The Salacious Dilemma


    Valentina Rodriguez first met Matthew Kincaid through a dating app. Later, during a family trip, Valentina discreetly made plans to meet Matthew, and the two fell in love for the first time. Valentina departed without saying goodbye after an ...

  • Wandering Stragglers


    Xiao Wei is lost, in more ways than one. A member of China’s “Forgotten Generation,” survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, he finds himself at a Central Committee Meeting one year after the Tiananmen Square massacre. There, he meets Ming. Both ...

  • Trust Me, I'm Lying

    Love is taught, tested, and tamed. by

    Twenty-two-year-old Lauren has a pretty good life with her fiancé, Dominic. But at her engagement party, Lauren meets Shane, a new family friend … and finds herself falling for him. Soon she’s embroiled in her feelings for both men. Dominic has ...