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Magic, Imagination, Family, Siblings, Memories, Adventure, Car

If Sailor Had A Silver Sports Car
by Marie Malloy

“If Sailor Had A Silver Sports Car” is a story in verse about friendship, family and gratitude, told through the eyes of an imaginative golden retriever named Sailor. Sailor and his newly adopted brother Woody (also a golden) live a charmed life with a happy family in an old stone house across from a red brick school. One sunny day, a shiny silver sports car mysteriously appears and takes Sailor and Woody on a great adventure! As you read Sailor's tale, you might imagine your own magical car whisking you off to wherever - and whomever - your heart desires. And you’re sure to be inspired by the sweetness of Sailor’s return home.

Marie and Sean Malloy collaborated to author and illustrate "If Sailor Had A Silver Sports Car." Their debut children’s storybook is based on a Golden Retriever named Sailor, the couple's real-life first dog together. The Malloys have adopted several other goldens since Sailor (including Hollywood, also known as "Woody"), and still live in the same old stone house they shared with Sailor years ago. They created "If Sailor Had a Silver Sports Car" as a tribute to their beloved canine companions.


Marie Malloy
Sean Malloy

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