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  • Doris The Frowner


    When Doris lost her stuffed bunny, she thought she lost her reason to smile. All day and all night, Doris would frown and frown until her face stayed stuck with a frown. Is there still time for Doris to change, or will she be Doris the Frowner ...

  • Kookatoot

    And The Fears Of Friends by

    Join Australian animals, Kookatoot and friends, as they share their fears and find out sometimes the things that scare us most aren't always as bad as they seem.

  • Iris and Cora

    Adventures of the Tall Cousins by

    Cousins Iris and Cora love being tall. They love it so much they formed a club! Then one day, when faced with hurtful words, Iris begins to question her feelings about being tall. As Iris’s confidence sinks, Cora’s love for her soars — lifting them ...

  • Hobbledy Gobbledy


    Come meet Hobbledy Gobbledy, Joopy, and all the gang, and discover how together they overcome Hobbledy’s unseen challenge. Through empathy, problem solving and a little bit of kindness, they find a happy solution for all, while at the same time ...

  • Classroom Bullies


    The teachers are gone and the kids all went home, but there’s still some bullies lurking in the classroom. The garbage bin is having a tough time with a couple of mean and nasty pencils that keep making fun of him because he is not a classroom ...

  • Jack the Husky Gets a Sister


    The second book in the Jack the Husky series sees Jack get a sister - Sophie, who is adopted from an animal rescue group. Jack & Sophie bond right away but Sophie struggles to adjust to her new home. Shannon and Jack learn that some dogs need space ...

  • The Good Deed


    Kevin Kevins is an excellent dentist who cares about his patients. One day, Kevin does something unexpectedly generous for Hannah and her husband, Jeet. They don’t know how to repay him, but they’re determined to figure it out. What’s the best way ...

  • The Adventures of Duncan and Lulu


    The minute Duncan sees his new next-door neighbor, Lulu, his heart jumps for joy. The goofy Goldendoodle is determined to befriend her, but rescue puppy Lulu doesn’t know what to make of him. Happy-go-lucky Duncan loves rainbows and butterflies and ...

  • Sue's Sky


    As Sue walks to school, she admires the blue sky. On the playground, she asks her friends one at a time, “Isn’t the blue sky beautiful today?” Much to her surprise, each friend sees the sky as a different color, depending on where they are from. But ...

  • The Tim Buck Two Gang


    The Tim Buck Two Gang is the story of three friends who work for a railway yardmaster, each tasked with delivering something to the top of a steep mountain or else meeting his doom. Each of them is unsure how he will make it to the top by himself, ...