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Adventures with Rudi
by Nairy Shahinian

Rudi is one happy goldie poo! How could she not be? With a loving family, lots of doggy friends at the local park, and tons of adventures to be discovered every single day, Rudi’s life is full to the brim with fun, laughter, and love.

Join Rudi on some of her many adventures—help her save a sparrow in distress, make children happy, rescue a friend from a snowy cold night, and even meet Santa at a very funny photoshoot!

Rudi’s curiosity, joy, and kindness shine through in every story: the perfect family companion, be it in the park or on the page.

Nairy Shahinian photo

Author Nairy Shahinian is a proud Canadian Armenian. Nairy and her husband Yervant are the proud parents of two children (known in the book as Jazzy and Krik, Jazzy’s husband, Chahe, and Krik’s wife, Christina, and two beautiful granddaughters Lenya and Karnie) and one goldie poo, Rudi—the star of her first book and the furry love of the family’s life.

Come! Share in Rudi’s wonderful life lessons with her friends and family and join the uplifting stories of Rudi and her real life adventures. As Krik and Jazzy put it well: “She has taught us so much . . . the value of loving your family and being loyal to your friends, always full of care and compassion . . . that it’s okay to be afraid but more important to try to overcome your fears. Enjoy life and live to the fullest.”

Rudi’s example will never be forgotten, and now some of her stories will live on in her honour.


Nairy Shahinian

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