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  • Cole, The Little White Horse


    This is the story of Cole - a little white horse - and Sally, the girl who loved him. The story starts with how they met, how they grew to love each other, and then how they managed to get through a rather scary adventure together. The story comes ...

  • Winter Storm

    The Adventures Of Aussie and Otis by

    It was another perfect day. Aussie stretched and was relaxing on her soft comfortable bed. After many years of hard work as a sled dog, Aussie was enjoying her retirement in Mrs. B's cozy home. Until one sunny afternoon, she hears Mrs. B opening the ...

  • Frankie the Ferret


    Do you have a pet? Maybe a dog, or a cat, or a gold fish? Lots of people do, but not many people have a pet like Frankie the Ferret. A lovable, mischievous, and comical little fellow, Frankie fills his family home with love and laughter, and his ...

  • Day Cat, Night Cat


    Day Cat Night Cat is the engaging "tail" of a young boy called Hayden who lives with a single mother on the edge of the city. He has two fantastical companions. When the sun is up, the day cat visits him and they play wild games together. Then, when ...

  • The Adventures of Cardigan


    Not having other kids to play with, Jaime has to find adventures with his dog Cardigan. Life in the Bush Camps with their many animals is all he knows. He is innocent and carefree. Everything is seen through the fearless eyes of a child and his ...

  • Yip Yip


    For her fifth birthday, Patty got the best present ever. He was tiny, scared, and very quiet. Patty named him Peanut. Peanut is the smallest and quietest puppy ever. He is so quiet that Patty puts him in a purse and takes him everywhere she goes. ...

  • No More Pets


    Mariah will promise her mom anything if it means she can have a puppy! The work grows with every pet Mariah and her mom add to their home. Will Mariah remember her promises? Children will enjoy reading No More Pets. A fun story that shares the joy ...

  • Adventures with Rudi


    Rudi is one happy goldie poo! How could she not be? With a loving family, lots of doggy friends at the local park, and tons of adventures to be discovered every single day, Rudi’s life is full to the brim with fun, laughter, and love. Join Rudi on ...

  • The Adventures Of Aussie and Otis

    Welcome Home by

    Aussie is a retired sled dog who just wants a cozy bed and warm blankets to nap in. One morning she wakes up and is surprised to find that her family have adopted a tiny pug puppy named Otis. Little Otis is a bundle of energy and is full of ...