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Divorce, Buddhism, Confucianism, Sufism, Happy and healthy, Wisdom, Resilience

Enlighten Your Soul
When Things Seem Dark You Will Find Your Way
by Gillian Cheam

In 2012, Gillian Cheam’s first husband unexpectedly left her and their children. Floored by the news, then frightened by her new reality, Gillian Cheam, a stay-at-home mother of two small children, was bombarded by thoughts of being unable to support her children or even keep her house. But that’s when Gillian decided to stay healthy in order to raise healthy children. She went for counselling and Reiki, and then opened the door to spirituality. Moving past her ego, she gained a confidence she had lacked before and during her divorce.

After a brief summary of Buddha, Confucius, and Rumi, the book is primarily comprised of inspirational and motivational quotations arranged in seven parts: Anger, Attitude, Happiness & Health, Knowledge & Wisdom, Patience & Perseverance, Perspective, Sadness & Worry. Using humour, Gillian speaks from personal experience, and her study of Reiki and Buddhism, to share the wisdom that helped her to cope and shift her perspective as she went through the process of divorce.

Not a religious book, Enlighten Your Soul is intended to encourage an awareness of thought patterns, behaviours, and situational reactions. Written as an inspirational tool, this book is perfect for anyone seeking to gain or maintain a positive outlook when presented with life’s challenges.

“I hope people will read and reflect on these quotations to see their way through difficult times and re-focus on what they can do now, because the now is the only thing any of us has any control over.” – Gillian Cheam

Known as Wonder Woman by her loving husband and two high-energy sons, Gillian Cheam lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She notes, “I absolutely dislike the cold, but the people are warm.”

Gillian’s parents and two brothers helped immeasurably during her divorce, one brother having overcome his own challenges in life as the survivor of a traumatic brain injury seven years before Gillian’s divorce. The whole family loves comedy and sarcasm, “and that’s what got us through.”

Now a crystal Reiki practitioner, Gillian’s favourite pastimes are meditation, family walks, and road-trips. “After, I usually have clarity. There have been times where a reaction would have been based on an aspect of my shadow side. When I have these realizations, I can bring those feelings forward and integrate them into the light to truly fix the problem.”

Gillian hopes Enlighten Your Soul can do the same for readers everywhere.


Gillian Cheam

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