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  • Paperback Edition
    • 978-1-5255-5331-8
    • 7.0 x 10.0 inches
    • Black & White interior
    • 420 pages
  • Hardcover Edition
    • 978-1-5255-5330-1
    • 7.0 x 10.0 inches
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    • 420 pages
  • Keywords
    • EarthGut,
    • Peace,
    • Love,
    • Microbes,
    • Healthy microbiome,
    • Crohn’s,
    • Colitis

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EarthGut: The Story of Peace, Love and Microbes
The journey into Healing Disorders, Digestive Dis-ease and our Reconnection to Mother Earth
by Tami S. Hay

A poetic and loving inquiry into creating sustainable, plant-based practices, EarthGut awakens readers to the questions we must address to prevent humanity’s destructive trajectory. It is the story of our journey through peace, love, and the rich microbial realm into becoming grounded in a world rooted in change and disconnection. We are deeply connected with the earth, and its health or mistreatment is manifest in our guts. Within these pages, love, science, and story lead us to reflect on our role as stewards of the earth and each other, a reminder of our responsibility to be of service and to remain well for the next seven generations. Thus, EarthGut is centered on knowledge and a heartfelt sense of why peace, love, and our microbiome matters in these precarious times. Our awakening is critical and requires an exploration of both our gut health and our interconnection with the earth. Full of valuable knowledge and practices to help readers begin their journey to wellness, EarthGut is not only meant for seekers of health and individuals with digestive disorders and disease, but also to people with other health issues and those seeking to practice peace. It helps to connect the dots along our journey in a way that is gentle and real, full of both story and science. Embrace the journey to living a healthful, purposeful life. In the reunion of peace, love, and microbes, we find our remembrance, our way home to a kinder planet. There is hope for all to heal.

Earthgut is an inspiring and information-packed introduction to the amazing inner world of our gut biome. The vast and somewhat newly-discovered community of scores of trillions of microbes inhabiting our digestive tract is beginning to be understood as a hitherto unrecognized key to both our physical and psychological health. Tami Hay’s book offers a unique blend of science and spiritual teachings that can be a timely gift for the millions of us afflicted with various related chronic conditions, and is helpful reading for everyone. Recommended! — Dr. Will Tuttle Will Tuttle, Ph.D., author of the best-selling book, The World Peace Diet, published in 16 languages, as well as other books, and is a recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award. EARTH GUT is a remarkable portrayal of Tami Hays’ journey to healing. In our seventh decade here at Hippocrates Health Institute, we are clear that your intestinal microbes are the epicenter of all physical and psychological health. We must all take heed and respect, nourish and replenish this friendly life forms. Tami beautifully illustrates this in her writing. — Anna Maria Clement, PhD, L.N., Co-Director Hippocrates Health Institute, and; Brian R. Clement, , PhD, L.N., Co-Director Hippocrates Health Institute "Tami has devoted her incredible intuitive wisdom to the natural intelligence of what the body is and what the body needs. Through extensive study and practical scientific knowledge, she has culminated a book of tools and insights for every human being on our planet." — SATTVA Yoga Founder and Principal Teacher, Rameen Peyrow

Tami S. Hay has spent three decades eating organic and has recovered from being very ill with Crohn’s and colitis. In addition to witnessing many others heal in world-renowned wellness clinics, Tami has a master’s degree in live food nutrition and has studied with some of the world’s best integrative MDs. Her humility and her love as a Mother Bear have helped her turn her health around. She uses her daily research and integration to help her in teaching many other ways to eat food as medicine. She firmly believes that knowing there is hope and making changes can be easier than one thinks. Tami lives with her dog, Bella. She shares her log country home with many friends, family, grandchildren, retreat participants, yogis, foodies, and plants and sprouts on the prairie near Edmonton, AB. She is in the process of writing her second book in this series, EarthGut: Peace, Love, and Microbes for Foodies.


Tami S. Hay

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