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California, West Coast, 60s, Childhood, Family stories, Poetry, Memoir

Oasis of Love
Whispers of The Soul by Judy Shannon

At the heart of Oasis of Love, Whispers of the Soul is unity and love; from family and spiritual oneness, to nature and social equality, Judy Shannon’s poetry beckons the reader to consider the ethereal and mysterious moments in life as what makes it special and meaningful. Through poems and personal essays, this book explores the glimmers of the other side, which we can only see if we truly listen, and savor the moments.

Judy captures deep and child-like love for her parents and siblings, spouse and child, and emphasizes love, trust, and appreciation. A childhood of California redwoods and sunsets, as well as the rugged West Coast of British Columbia, form the landscape of the book. From remarkable animal encounters to a near-drowning in Hawaii, Judy reaches for a deeper meaning in each narrative.

These poems do not turn away from the darker parts of life: suffering, social injustice, racism, human rights, and illness, but infuse a thorough optimism and purity which seems to crystalize the heart of matters and radiate love and well-being. The purity of these poems will encourage readers to explore silence, meditation, inner guidance, and God’s love. They open their arms to the future—new unions and upcoming generations—while honoring those who have come and gone but will never be forgotten. From meditation retreats to vegetarianism, family trips to generational legacies, this is a book with a pure heart, and it will nourish the soul.

Judy Shannon has been an elementary school teacher for thirty years. Deeply influenced by her parents’ commitment to environmental activism and humanitarian causes and her upbringing in California’s San Mateo area, her poetry also captures her appreciation for nature, her dedication to meditation, and her love for family. She holds a B.A. in English from Sonoma State University, and both a Professional Teaching Certificate and a M.Ed. degree from the University of British Columbia. Oasis of Love, Whispers of the Soul is a collection of her writing from over many years. She lives next to the Delta Watershed, surrounded by 300 acres of forest and wildlife, with her husband Jim.


Judy Shannon

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