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New world order, Zionism, Luciferianism, false flag terrorism, ChurchX, Conspiracy theories, SDA apostasy

We the Papal
Exposing Karen, The Red Diamond, and ChurchX
by Ilise Sorele

Deception is the greatest crisis facing the world. Few believed the 911 Commission’s official report, choosing instead to believe in a controlled demolition of the World Trade Center. Likewise, many believe an invisible shadow government is controlling the world with false flag Islamic terrorism and perpetual racial strife.

The deception ends with Ilise Sorele’s We the Papal, the explosive synopsis of twenty years of research into the Bible’s present truth for our generation. Her investigative report calls for a revolutionary revival in light of the impending global conflict with Karen, Public Enemy #1. Herein, she exposes the identity and designs of this non-Catholic enemy hiding within papal Rome as it plots to set up a centralized global government and rule the world from Jerusalem. The author coined “ChurchX” to refer to the church entrusted with the vault of present truth for our generation. Unfortunately, the church has gone rogue and refused to deliver the truth. Consequently, she will be destroyed for her unpardonable, corporate sin, like the city and temple of Jerusalem in A.D. 70. The author coined “Red Diamond” to refer to the true identity of the Holy Spirit, hidden by mainstream Christianity. This important book is destined for the secret vaults of genuine truth seekers as the Bibilical saga continues into the final generation.

We the Papal encapsulates Ilise Sorele’s spiritual journey and duty as a former member of ChurchX. A seasoned writer, with degrees in journalism and legal studies, Ilise currently resides in the San Diego area, where she enjoys temperate weather and stunning ocean and mountain views. However, the days are fast approaching when she will eventually have to seek refuge in the mountains due to the impending global conflict described herein.


Ilise Sorele

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