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Memoir, PTSD, passive aggression, Racism, mental health, holistic health, Spiritual

Life Happens To Us
A True Story
by Ashta-deb

In this heartbreaking, extremely personal memoir of a life touched by profound tragedy, author Ashta-deb invites readers into her world in the hopes that they might benefit from the discovered remedies that at last elevated her above it. Here is a soul who had suffered abuse at the hands of both parents, abandonment by her mother, and the tragic death of her thirteen-year-old sister by the time she was just nine years old. As she struggles to emerge from this devastation over the next long stretch of her life, her past is relentless in its haunting. It takes many years before doctors diagnose her with PTSD, and many more for her to find the right combination of Western medicine and Eastern wisdom to heal her. Her medication with cannabis, experimentation with Ayahuasca in Peru and finally a breakthrough healing with psilocybin offers a diverse look at mental healing. In the background of it all is her dedicated cultivation of yogic and psychic abilities. At last, Life Happens to Us endorses the importance of embracing unresolved childhood experiences. It is a must-read for anyone who wishes to understand their true potential as a human being.

"An emotional, well-written, but often disturbing narrative . . . A poignant memoir that chronicles a harrowing personal journey and explores the more mystical aspects of yoga." – Kirkus Reviews

"Memoir enthusiasts would be particularly interested in this excellent example of this genre." – Laura Pratt, Evaluating Editor

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Since writing her memoir, Ashta-deb has founded and developed Ashta Chaitanya. Her teachings appeal to those who are tormented by mental agony and struggle, more often than experiencing the calm and peace they deserve.

Her many years of self-discipline with Kriya Yoga and Meditation yielded the unique talent of using widely accepted science formulas to Mental Health Awareness.  

• Albert Einstein: E=mc2: "Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared".

• Newton's Law:  "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

• Nikola Tesla:  "If you wish to understand the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration?”

Ashta-deb is a Registered Hypnotherapist and an Intuitive Empath Healer.  She is accredited by the National Guild of Hypnotists  and is a long-standing member. 

Her spiritual wisdom of Vedanta and mystical yogic abilities are invaluable combinations for those who seek personal guidance. She experiments with many different techniques and with the curiosity and adventurous soul of a child, wisdom continues to descend upon her.

Ashta-deb combines her intelligence and wisdom bringing forth the best from each.  The result being a true, ever-lasting transformational experience.  

Ashta Chaitanya is an opportunity for those who would like to experience and explore their life from a place of observation and not suffering. It is essential to cultivate the wisdom to understand what blocks you from attaining the life you seek.

Ashta-deb offers a unique insight as a human experiencing spirituality in the world today.

Ashta-deb offers her teachings on-line and in-person.  She is available to share her wisdom at any event that encourages Health and Wellness.  

Ashta-deb is a caring and loving person. Her honesty when teaching can be deeply moving and personal, making it difficult for some to handle. Her ability to touch the core of suffering is temporarily disconcerting yet ultimately freeing.



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