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Albany River, Northern Ontario, Canoe trip, Fishing, Camping, Canadian wilderness, Portage

Fidler on the River
by Bob Fidler

In the summer of 1972, Bob Fidler and three others embarked on a month-long canoeing odyssey across Northern Ontario, following the Albany River from its source at Osnaburgh Lake all the way to Fort Albany on the doorstep of James Bay. A breathtaking 500-mile journey through remote wilderness the likes of which scarcely exists anymore on the North American continent. Drawn from the author’s daily travel log, Fidler on the River offers a rare glimpse of a part of the world that few people, even today, will ever experience.

For anyone who has ever longed to get away from civilization or who, from experience, knows the weight of a paddle, the sound of water hushing along the hull of a canoe, or the clockwork thrum of a reel as a fish runs out line, this is a memoir that will strike deep resonant chords.

Herodotus suggested that a man cannot cross the same river twice – for both man and river are constantly changing – and that is certainly the case when the river in question has been etching its way into the Canadian shield and across Hudson Bay Lowlands for forty-five years.

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Born into a family of outdoorsmen to whom fishing and hunting were a way of life, Bob Fidler spent many years exploring Northern Ontario and the Northwest Territories. Retired, he and his wife live in a log home which they built themselves on a small private lake near Cuba, Illinois. His first book Alone But Never Lonely (FriesenPress 2016) told the story of famed Barren Land Trapper Gus D’aoust.


Bob Fidler

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