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Foster care, Sexual abuse, Family relationships, Foster parenting, Family violence, Autobiography, Child development

Torn Heartstrings
by Darla Madsen

As foster parents of 70 children over 12 years, we are sharing our personal experiences of the conditions and circumstances of why the children came into our care. Unless you’ve been a foster parent, I don’t believe anyone can really understand what the children and foster parents go through! My husband and myself along with our two children, endured the joys and heartaches of being foster parents. Our social system is broken and the children in care are suffering for it. Parents are neglecting and physically, mentally and sexually abusing their children, with little to no consequence’s! We experienced children coming into our home in the middle of the night, covered in their mother’s blood, after witnessing their father stabbing her repeatedly. Our greatest challenge as foster parents was saying goodbye. If they were going home to a loving family we were happy for them. but many times that wasn’t the case. Often they were bounced from foster home to foster home, year after year. That’s where the system failed them. We’re still friends with many of our foster children, who are adults now. Their asking themselves, “Why me?”

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I am a wife and mother of two amazing children, and I have four beautiful grandchildren. My husband and I love to volunteer at home and abroad. My hobbies are photography, sewing, woodwork, painting decorating and event planning, as well as writing!


Darla Madsen

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