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Mediation, communication, conflict resolution, reconciliation, conflict management, family mediation, how-to guide

Constructive Communication
A Path for Challenging Situations
by Charlie Young

"Constructive Communication with a Path for Challenging Situations" is a practical guide that is built on a life time of experiences confirmed by research. It is not just theory. It is short and concise. It's processes are applicable for governments, businesses, families or any group working toward common goals. A path is provided for situations requiring a mentor. It is a hands on guide.

There has never been a greater need for peace makers than now as our human

relationships become more fractured and divided.  The ability to repair and heal those

relationships is a gift that few people have but Charlie Young is one such person, and in

his book, ‘Constructive Communication,’ he starts by explaining how different

perceptions are often at the core of disputes and exacerbated by the vigour of strong

emotions. He then introduces a clear, simple model for facilitating discussions between

people in dispute and whose lives are blighted by the inter-personal conflict.


His writing is short and punchy, carrying the reader through his ideas in a simple,

workmanlike way yet never losing sight of the need to connect at the human level.  As

he says, ”Words are windows when they come from the heart and walls when they are

heartless.  Windows let the light in.”

There can be no greater influence than authors who are a living example of their values

and beliefs. And Charlie Young is one of them.

— Trevor Horne, author of “Towards Heart-led Mediation”

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The content in this guide is the result of the author's experiences as a pastor, naval chaplain, flight instructor, corporate pilot, TQM trainer and mediator.


Charlie Young

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