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    The Leader's Practice Guide

    How to Achieve True Leadership Success by

    Against the backdrop of accelerating change and global turbulence, good leadership is called for now more than ever. But what constitutes “good leadership”? Why do teams follow some leaders willingly and others only because there is no better ...

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    Hope has existed since the beginning of time. Hope is an abundant and limitless natural resource. Hope is free and available to all human beings. Hope has no hidden motivations or agendas. Hope's primary focus is to help the human species ...

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    03 Minute Traffic Ticket Trial

    How Not To Be Stressed Over a Traffic Ticket by

    This very practical book, entitled 03 Minute Traffic Ticket Trial, provides useful information to readers about how they can fight traffic tickets of various kinds within the common law legal system. A wide variety of car-related offenses are ...

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    So You Want to Be a Landlord


    A warning to those who are considering becoming landlords: investing in rental property is far from a bed of roses! This useful handbook has over thirty cases, documented over years of experience, which illustrate some of the difficulties that ...

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    Dramatically Zen

    A Guidebook to Living Your Best Life by

    It often takes an event beyond our control to take a step back from our lives and re-evaluate. When her world collapsed around her, Angela, a wedding planner in her mid-twenties, decided to take back control of her life and set off on a journey ...

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    A Soul's Journey

    One woman's journey of healing and surrendering to her gift as a medium by

    Marnie Hill speaks to the dead. In this very personal account of one woman’s journey to acknowledging and accepting her special gifts, such as reading auras, seeing loved ones who have died, hearing voices from the other side, and sharing messages ...

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    The Lines in the Sand

    ...a proven handbook for becoming a master facilitator by

    Whether you’re just beginning your career or are a seasoned workshop facilitator, THE LINES IN THE SAND contains valuable tips that will enhance your practice. Through a highly readable and entertaining parable, master facilitator Karen Lee shares ...

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    Get Back to Work

    Smart & Savvy Real-World Strategies to Make your Next Career Move by

    Job hunting: a phrase that might conjure up bleak images of firing off résumés into a void , only to have to wait, and wait, and wait blindly for a catch . . . Well, it’s time to step into today’s smart and savvy real-world strategies to make your ...