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  • TECHnically Connected

    Navigating Distance on Virtual Teams by

    Keep your life and your team tethered while working in your virtual environment. Your team is not available to meet regularly face-to-face. You rely on technology to communicate and collaborate. While bringing you together, technology also ...

  • The Intentional MBA

    A Guide to Maximizing Your Decision, Experience and Investment by

    If you’re looking for a maximum return on your MBA investment (a.k.a. ROI), you’ve picked up the right book. The small, intentional practices of self-reflection and application found in this book can have a large, measurable impact on your career, ...

  • Managing The PMO Lifecycle: 2nd Edition

    A Step by Step Guide to PMO Set-up, Build-out and Sustainability by

    Managing the PMO Lifecycle (PMOLC) is a collective effort to highlight what goes into the set-up, the build-out and the sustainability of the Project Management Offices (PMOs). It provides the drivers, the benefits and the know-how.The book’s main ...

  • The Journey of Collective Impact

    Contributions to the Field from Tamarack Institute by

    Healthy, safe, vibrant communities have at their core leaders and stakeholders who believe in and work together to affect positive change. The Journey of Collective Impact provides practical approaches and resources to advance collective impact, and ...

  • BrainFishing

    A Practice Guide to Questioning Skills by

    BrainFishing is the “missing link”, the hands-on, practical guide for professionals looking to forge better agreements and build stronger relationships in difficult and challenging situations. It is the one, slim book that will complete your ...

  • Constructive Communication

    A Path for Challenging Situations by

    "Constructive Communication with a Path for Challenging Situations" is a practical guide that is built on a life time of experiences confirmed by research. It is not just theory. It is short and concise. It's processes are applicable for ...

  • 13 Ways to Kill Your Community 2nd Edition


    13 Ways to Kill Your Community is lively, full of personality, conversational, breezy, succinct, and fun. One can imagine readers seeking out information on boosting their local community sighing dutifully as they seek out material and then being ...

  • ESOPs in Canada

    How to Implement an Employee Share Ownership Plan to Grow and Exit your Business with your Legacy Intact by

    Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs) are a powerful tool in a world in which it is no longer business as usual. Whether you want to attract and retain skilled workers, create a succession plan for your business, combat the “brain drain,” recognize ...

  • Convening

    A Guide for Dialogue and Collaboration by

    Convening: A Guide for Dialogue and Collaboration engagingly describes the art and science behind one of the crucial skills of our times. In an age of complexity, when partnerships are increasingly necessary to address or resolve difficult issues, ...