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healing, abuse, addiction, self fulfillment, death, spirituality, resilience

The Book of Em
by Emily Amann

A soul-searching, stream of consciousness narrative that is in some ways autobiographical and in others universally existential, The Book of Em will inspire and challenge readers to explore their own experiences of grief and questions about life.

Drawn from the author’s personal journals, written before and after her parents’ deaths, the entries rest on a powerful theme: “Scars exist as proof that we fell and were able to pick ourselves up and keep going.” From the opening paragraph, Emily Amann uses language, punctuation, and powerful imagery to convey her message.

The Book of Em should be read slowly and multiple times in order to absorb all of its nuances, ponderings, and concepts. It’s not a story but an experience—one that is relevant and ongoing.

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Emily Amann hopes that her first published book will provide readers with a unique offering of responses, as opposed to reflections, on grief, loss, and the meaning of life. Her direct, almost impulsive, voice promises to make her book a noticeable addition to the local bookshelves.

Emily is a proud Chicagoan who resides in the Great Lakes region.


Emily Amann

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