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Eating disorders, Bulimia, Loss of a parent, Infertility, Accomplishing change, Personal growth, Seeking help

Broken to Blessed
by Angela Dawes and Vanessa Sullivan

Have you ever looked in the mirror and not recognized the person looking back at you?

Have you ever looked at your body and thought you were facing your own worst enemy?

Have you ever thought you had hit rock bottom only to discover you had further to fall?

It’s time to heal and save yourself.

It’s time to rise up and thrive.

We live in a world where help is readily available, but is it the kind we are seeking?

In Broken to Blessed Angela Dawes tells her own heart-rending story of survival and triumph: battling an eating disorder and the negative self-image at its root, enduring grief at the untimely and unexpected death of her father, and surviving repeated heartache as she suffered four miscarriages. With unflinching honesty, she tells how she overcame obstacles, found strength within herself, and opened her heart. Readers of Broken to Blessed will come away from the author’s story inspired and confident that they too can find hope in healing.

ANGELA DAWES is a board certified holistic health coach, certified personal trainer and the founder of Purpose of Mine, a web-based community where her goal and purpose is to see broken lives restored. This was her outlet where she was able to release pain, anger and fear. By exposing her emotions rather than hiding them, gave her the courage she needed to continue healing. By telling her story, she prays others will find meaning in their own story and know they are not alone. This book was fueled by passion for her family and intent on helping others heal. Angela lives with her husband in Oakland, New Jersey.

VANESSA SULLIVAN received her B.A. in Psychology and has since been using it to help women find their voice and confidence in all areas of their lives. Using her degree and her experience as a collegiate athlete and coach, Vanessa published a Sports Psychology book which focuses solely on female athletes.

When Vanessa first heard Angela’s story, she knew that she wanted to be a part of the solution. She hopes that by helping to tell this brave story, she will inspire others to overcome their obstacles and start to find their voice. Vanessa is an active participant in many women’s initiatives and strives to help encourage, educate, and empower women in every walk of life.


Angela Dawes
Vanessa Sullivan

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