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Relationships, Free verse, Poetic journey, Love and loss, Nature, Thoughts and feelings, Reflections

by Graham Forst


As twilight’s curtain falls

and setting sun sinks through swarms of summer flies

the road gets harder and harder to see—


unless these restless clouds cleave

and moon shines through

I may not come to you.

Darling, I started too late.

I knew where the path was

and where it led.

And I knew the secret place you kept the key.

But darkness,

darkness of will, mind, purpose, intention

blinded me, held me back, made me lag, stall.

Moon, of c0urse, is every hopeful lover’s light,

and if it shines tonight

I’ll see my way through the maze of emotions,

through the tangled vines of cheating, lies, deceit,

past the jagged thorns of guile,

the deep pools of refusal and negligence:

Yes, I’ll see my way, by moonlight,

past the black shadows of jealousy

and nettles plucked by sharp-tongued anger

and open your door

and watch with you the fingers of eiderdown dawn

raise the curtain of night

and show us,

through the labyrinthine woods of grief and dolor

the guiding silver thread

of sunlit love.


Graham Forst

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